My Latest Project: Honest ADHD Comics (based on my life). Work WITH Your Brain, folks!

OK, so aside from everything else I have going on, I really want to try to blog here on a regular basis. I like writing and I like recording processes and things I go through (I’ve long since lost count of the no. of notebooks, journals and planners that I have!), so it makes sense to have something here, too!

For anyone who doesn’t know, late last year I got a diagnosis for both ADHD and ASD (extremely expensive here, but people wouldn’t take me seriously until I got a “real” diagnosis). I see a lot of people nowadays getting such diagnoses; I guess many of us fell through the cracks (although to be honest, I don’t know why I did. I was such a weird kid and actually suspect I was selective mute. But growing up being expected to be something you’re not, I guess makes me see why my own personality just went ignored).

ANYWHO, I’ve recently connected with other ADHD adults, many of who are running their own businesses. I showed a couple of people the little parenthood/kid-related comics I was drawing last year and they loved them. I told them I was thinking of doing ADHD based ones but was like “meh… other people are already doing that…” and Maggie, who happens to be my business coach (and has ended up being my general life coach. LOL) was like “but YOU haven’t!“.

Side note: Maggie has been amazing at getting me to see things differently. She has had the perfect responses to either: 1. things I’ve said or 2. things other people have said to me. LOL. As an ADHD-er and general all-round introverted weirdo, she gave me the best advice I’ve ever been given: “work WITH your brain“. I love it; I almost want to name these comics after that. LOL. I’d never been told that; in fact, my upbringing was the opposite: I was forever taught to be anything BUT myself, which I greatly resent now. Don’t let anyone tell you to be anything other than yourself, or say that your feelings should be put aside for the sake of others’.

So anyway, Maggie’s been great for me.

So here I am. Taking on something else. Which, I have realised, in my past 6 months of MUCH self reflection, having a lot of things going on is, well… very ADHD of me. I get bored of things very quickly, so having a lot of things going on actually gives me things to switch between when I get bored of the current one that I’ve been obsessing over. If you watch the video above, my art “method” is also a great metaphor for my life: I do bits of everything at seemingly random. I’ve seen other artists start from a point in a painting and just… draw outwards from there. I’ve tried it. I can’t do it; I get bored too easily so have to constantly do things all over the place.

Are you an ADHD-er? Please tell me your “methods” are just as messy as mine! LOL.

So stay tuned for more comics.

And portrait art.

And videos with Nate.

And design work.

It’s Summer. And I have a 7 year old around and I don’t know what he’s up to!


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