Drawing with Alexis and Nate

After having had a few of my son’s friends’ parents suggest I give kids’ art classes/lessons, these videos are born! We hope you enjoy! Nate’s psyched to finally be a content creator, and I’m happy to have something else to do with him and to see his creativity being used!

You can see some stuff about me here. As for Nate, he’s 7 (8 in September!). He’s been enjoying drawing with (and without!) me and often draws pictures of whatever it is he’s into for the moment! A kind, gentle soul, Nate is friendly and is a big fan of both Pokemon and Minecraft. Since watching his two favourite YouTubers (Stampy and Wattles), he’s developed an interest in content creation, and so our art videos are here! Nate loves video games, pizza, ice cream and playing with his friends.

NB: You will need a password for some of these! Please feel free to e-mail me at lex.bartlett@gmail.com or contact me via social media for this.

Here’s a quick promo vid: