How to Draw the Minecraft Allay!

Yay! Nate and I finally have another video out! This took ages because I’ve been doing a million things at once and not sleeping; my mind’s a total mess. Either way, I think we’ll go back to Pokemon next! Minecraft characters aren’t my favourite things to draw! It’s all a bunch of squares and geometric shapes which are way too closely aligned to math for me. Ha.

As usual, Nate finished his before me, and I haven’t actually finished mine.

Do you play Minecraft? I don’t play the original game (it gives me motion sickness and I just find it boring), but I do play Minecraft Dungeons!!! Nate plays the original game (Java) with his dad and a couple of friends. 🙂

If you don’t know what the Allay is, here‘s some background.

Anywho, without further ado, grab a pencil and paper and come draw with us!

Nate’s “interesting” spelling kinda kills me. HAHA!
…aaaaand I didn’t even fully finish mine. Heh…

I’m slowly building a YouTube channel and will have more stuff up soon. ^_^ I’ve half filmed another video that’s meant to complement an art lesson I gave to Nate’s friend’s sister last week. It’ll be up soon, hopefully! Sub here!

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